STX & AKX 2 Horse Trucks

STX or AKX, which Is best suited to you and why choose Stephex? Well, Stephex offer two designs of the 2 horse truck and here is a quick summary to why..

The STX is the premium model, designed for those who want a vast variety of personal options to ensure they have to most luxurious and bespoke environment for driver, rider & horse to competitions world wide. See More

The AKX is more durable & functional model, which is focused on the working environment. Perfectly suited for the racing or transport industry, where heavy use is required on a regular basis, plus it benefits a much more affordable price tag! See more

The Build

Both STX & AKX are created with a design which is dedicated to safety and welfare for your horses, it’s clear to see this has been at the forefront at all times. In the stall section we have windows and a skylight for maximum airflow, boosted by an extract fan system for the hotter weather. There is blue mood/calming lighting which research proves adds reassurance for the more stressful passenger during travel. The composite flooring Is layered with a sealed, full piece solid rubber floor to ensure a comfortable standing for horses short or long distance which also helps absorb road vibrations.

Using smart materials that offer high strength properties – yet remain light weight to ensure the payload isn’t sacrificed over overall rigidity. The bulk head & walls are all double lined and reinforced for maximum structural qualities. At the rear there is an extra-large emergency door should it be required suitable for the larger horses to exit. Central padded stallion partition is movable and has 3 fixings settings to cater a wide variant of horses and completely solid even for the heavier horse.

Coming as standard with a Tow bar and offering a total train weight of 6T, this allows a trailer or caravan with a maximum weight of 2.5T to be towed legally here in the UK – please bear in mind your licence will need to cover this use! Tie chains are also a standard feature which is required for any international travel when boarding ferries. Both STX & AKX are setup for APHA Type 2 licences, if you require this certificate for work purposes please specify upon making an order.


STX allows you to be as bespoke as you want & offers a choice of luxury additional options for you and your horse.

Horse area includes options such as additional protection padding, window from cab to horse area, internal camera, feeding table with bowl, temperature control system, Stallion or breast bar layouts.

Practicality options such as specially designed mobile tack boxes, tack box access, fixed tack locker. With the crew cab (5 seater) you can also add a mattress up in the Luton along with bench to bed conversion!

Personalising the STX to your individual style such as choice of colour for the leather seats, heated seating, black or silver alloy wheels and a choice of exotic metallic colours from Ferrari, Aston Martin & Lamborghini and so on..



Horse Areas


AKX, Stephex’s latest line’s main focus is affordability and hard-wearing durability within the working sector. Built to last, the set specification is all you need to get from A to B professionally and efficiently. The options available are either 3 seat single cab or 5 seat crew cab and if you either want barn doors or the standard flap design for above the side ramp. These are only available with the manual transmission and stallion layout. You can request have the option of added windows for further air flow along with the ramp on either side to suit your requirements. Please note camera comes as standard on the AKX too.



Horse Areas